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Major Impact On Global Healthcare

Global Healthcare

At Kainos we believe that it is our responsibility, to improve the quality of life for all those around us, as we have the Expertise, Knowledge and Technology with Research Resources. What we are doing and what we will do, will have a major impact to our society.

Kainos is inspired by passionate professionals with years of proven expertise and in-depth Industry knowledge, which is the key to our quality and affordable products.

Kainos specializes in Diagnostic Equipment, Respiratory care & Intensive care devices and Medical Instruments including Operation Room surgical Instruments.

While our portfolio consists of innovative products and solutions that empower healthcare systems and professionals, Kainos Innovative Solutions persist to be known to deliver high quality products backed by efficient & Flexible support and service to our customers.

Medical Instruments

Kainos Innovative offers a wide selection of Medical & Surgical Instruments including
Operating Room Surgical Instruments, General Surgical Instruments, a wide range of Tungsten Carbide Instruments, Sterile Surgical Blades, Scalpels, Holloware, Sterile Trays for the most of the O.R. procedures. Kainos is known to deliver highest quality products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction. Kainos understands the importance of details when crafting Medical Surgical Instruments and Equipment, therefore our craftsmen are committed to providing life saving products that are safe and effective in the Surgical Instrument industry. Kainos offers a Complete portfolio for All Surgical Instruments such as Operating Room surgical instruments, General instruments, and to all procedures including Orthopedic, Gynecology, ENT, Urology, Neurology, Nephrology, Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments, Pre-assembled Surgical Instruments Sets.

Quality Standards

We use the latest in manufacturing as well as high grade metal such as TC (tungsten-carbide) and SS (surgical stainless steel). With the combination of machine made instruments we make the instruments in hard steel {416/316} which provides better quality, and resists Rust and breakages. All our principle Manufacturing units have ISO, CE(US), SSI certification.


  • Suction tube, anaesthesia,trocar instruments.
  • Scalpal, skin grafting knives.
  • Super cut, operating, bandage scissor, etc.

  • Veginal speculas.
  • Uterine elevating & obstetrical forceps.
  • Cervical biopsy instruments.
  • Abdominal retractor,etc.

  • Chest spreaders.
  • Rib & lung spatulos, rib shears.
  • Bronchus clamps, blood vessel clamp.
  • Atruma bulldog clamp, etc.
ENT Instruments

  • OPD instruments.
  • Otology instruments.
  • Nasal rhinology instruments.
  • Brain & malleable, nerve retractors.
Neuro & Laminectomy

  • Laminectomy instruments.
  • Brain retractor.
  • Dura dissectors and elevators.
  • Malleable spatulas, nerve retractors, etc.
Tungsten Carbide Instruments

  • Scissors, micro and bandage scissors.
  • Dressing forceps, tissue forceps.
  • Needle holders.
  • Wire cutter, twister, etc.
Endoscopy & Laproscopy

  • Bipolar & monopolar cable.
  • Laparoscope & laparoscope kit.
  • Laparoscope accessories.
    Urethro cystoscopy set.
Electro Surgical Instruments

  • Bipolar forceps.
  • Scissors, Sepacular.
  • Bipolar forceps.
  • Carbon speculum forceps.
Orthopedic Instruments

  • Electrical plaster cutter.
  • Electrical drill and saw.
  • Cast breakers, Bone chisels.
  • Gouges & osteotomes.
  • Bone curettes,etc.

  • Urethro cystoscopy set.
  • Forceps, catheter, guide wires, retractors, etc.

Devices & Equipments

Medical Devices & Equipments

Kainos Innovative Solutions specializes and offers medical diagnostic equipment, Respiratory Intensive care products, such as Spo2 Probes, ECG Accessories, ECG Machines, Suction Machine, Multi Para Monitor, Ventilators, Foetal Monitors, Pulse Oximeter etc.

All our products are thoroughly engineered for superlative and cost effective performance. Our products are attributed to ease of use, accurate dimensions, precise results, corrosion resistance, excellent performance, portability, maintenance free, light in weight and skin-friendliness.

Quality Standard

We stand by our commitment to providing high quality medical products backed by efficient service. We have trained service engineers and maintain stock of equipment and spare parts at all our offices.

Kainos has established itself as a proficient Distributor and wholesaler of medical diagnostic equipment (respiratory and intensive care areas) amongst its dealer network across the country.

What we are doing and what we will do to Healthcare, will definitely have a

major impact to the Wellness of our Society!

Multipara Monitor

  • Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor (Model No:- CMS 8000)
  • Multipara-Monitor (Aqua-8)
  • Tabletop Pulse Oximeter
ECG Machine

  • Twelve Channel ECG Machine
  • ECG Machine
  • Three Channel ECG Machine with Touch Screen (Model No:-302)
Defibrillator Biphasic

  • General & Emergency
  • ECG, SPO2
Infusion Pump

  • Model No:SP-03
  • Infusion Pump
  • Syringe Pump
Fetal Doppler

  • Fetal Monitor
  • Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler (Model No:ND-105)
  • Fetal Doppler (Model No:ND-104)
Oxygen Concentrator

  • Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator
  • Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxygen Concentrator With 10ltr Capacity

  • Sleep Apnea (Model No:RS01)
  • BMC Resmart GII BI-PAP Machine
  • High Flow Humidifier H-80

  • Medical Ventilator
  • Emergency Ventilator (Model No:LTV-950)
  • Anesthesia Workstations

  • Model No:SP-30
  • With Printer (Model No:SP-100)
  • Medical Spirometer (Model:SP-10)
Fetal Monitor

  • Bistos Fetal Monitor
  • Contec Fetal Monitor
  • Fetal Monitor (Model No:CMS 800 G2)
Pulse Oximeter

  • Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • Table Top Pulse Oximeter
  • Table Top with NIBP Pulse Oximeter

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