Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

In developing products and services, quality assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements.

Typical quality pain points are

Business Requirements are often ambiguous causing a lot of rework after code construction

Testing is the pinch point on every project and quality is often sacrificed for schedule (or the schedule is impacted)

Project schedules slip due to lack of experienced test talent; software engineers are performing testing functions

Performance and Load issues are discovered in production causing rework or unplanned hardware expenditure

Senior management teams do not have the visibility into the “real” progress of a project (e.g. unknown test coverage)

Automation software has been purchased but is sitting on the shelf or not proving its ROI

Our Proposition

IV&V activities early & throughout Project Lifecycle

Standardized test & defect management processes

Conducting the right testing at the right time

In-parallel test activities to speed test repeatability

Test effectiveness optimization

Continuing focus on reusable test artifacts

Metrics data gathering & analysis drive improvements

The QA consultants at Kainos are

Independent, Accountable Test Partner

Specialized test management, design and execution expertise

Diverse business domain and technology expertise

Conformance to customer’s standards, infusion of best practices

Outstanding quality of service and responsiveness

Innovative.Reliable.Sustainable. Solutions


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