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Kainos offers a full portfolio of Solutions for Government Agencies and Commercial Clients. We architect, design, develop, and implement agile, innovative, and on-time solutions such as custom software applications and critical systems for our clients. We service various industries including government, healthcare, energy, finance and retail. We work with both large and small organizations using the same customized approach and planning process to provide innovative solutions to their challenges.

AI / ML Solutions

Data-powered companies elevate the role of data and analytics, allowing them to create valuable and actionable insights that can be acted upon to generate business outcomes. By establishing a more modern data architecture, organizations can begin to reinvent what’s possible using AI and ML...

Cybersecurity Solutions

Think finding affordable protection from cyber threats like hackers, malware, and viruses is impossible? How about protection from internal threats and accidents such as lost laptops or flash drives? With our cost-effective Cyber Security solutions our customers throughout the US don't worry...

Business Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. These solutions enable companies to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information...

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the combination of skills, technologies, applications and processes used by organizations to gain insight in to their business based on data and statistics to drive business planning. Our Business Analytics solutions help organizations of all sizes thrive by enabling them to discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations...

Microsoft Workspace Solutions

Today's Office workers depend on digital collaboration in almost every aspect of their jobs. With all of us being able to work from home just anywhere and on any device reliable and user-friendly online communication and interaction tools are more important than ever before. Whether it's co-workers , clients , vendors, or partners...

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a possibility to put perspective into your business and accelerate your organization’s journey to your goals.

Custom Application Development

If you have a unique need that hasn’t been adequately addressed by software that’s available in the market, a custom solution may be your best option. At Kainos, we build powerful and scalable solutions to fuel your business growth. Internal software, client-facing systems, modernizing and integrating legacy applications or websites — we develop solutions designed specifically for your business. Our team of expert developers/consultants...

Solar Solutions

Sustainable solar power solutions to help industrial, commercial and institutional customers, thereby reducing their carbon footprint while making sound fiscal sense.

Technology & Portfolio


Every organization that utilizes multiple back-end applications and systems has a need for data integration. Without it, companies can experience expensive inefficiencies, in terms of time, money, and compatibility with newer systems. We have proven our capability...


Kainos Offers A Full Portfolio Of Services For Government Agencies And Commercial Clients. We Service Various Industries Including Government, Healthcare, Energy, Finance And Retail…

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